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How to make money as a freelancer

Getting Started
Are you new to the freelancing world and do you have second thoughts about any assurance of potential earnings online? Do you feel that freelancing will help you in paying off some of your bills?

The answer to the above questions is you must visit The Freelancer website is a realm of great skilled resourced personnel working on outsource basis.

Freelancer does not charge you any nominal fee for registering to be a part of this global marketplace.

You can consider freelancing as a full-time or part-time profession.

You can choose the type of job from a range of available projects that match your skills and interests. Time and flexibility is always under your control. You can opt for one or more projects simultaneously.

Freelancer includes project requirements from a wide set of professions from Freelance designers - Freelance designers  Websites, IT & Software,Design, Media &Architecture, Engineering& Science, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal and many more on their job board. You can visit their projects on With the available options you can diversify into the advertised projects that match your skills and try bidding on other professional job boards as per the terms and conditions from Freelancer. The limit of job types on Freelancer is 20 per month.
Can I make money from Freelancer?

Individuals, who are still wedged with their traditional day office jobs, need to explore the world of freelancing. Freelancer is an excellent portal to access skilled experts at any point of time all throughout the year. Freelancer has already built up their market with experts who provide and hire other skilled experts globally. There is demand for skills round the clock. The key to being successful as a freelancer is to maintain consistency in terms of deliverance and keep expanding your inventory of providers. You need to assess your source of revenue generated from a particular type of skilled projects and then browse out other advertised projects from new skill set. By doing this you are also opening other door and opportunities to new source of income from Freelancer.

Nevertheless, of how you choose to work and maintain your freelancing business you will always have an option to select available projects with no one to compel or pressurize you which helps you work at your preferred standard in compliance with the terms and conditions of Freelancer.

If you feel that earning income online is not so easy then you need to remember that, in order to earn income on the internet and gain experience you need to take action by looking for jobs at the right place, for this Freelancer is the best website.

Navigating the Freelancer website?
Maneuvering through is easy as it is very user-friendly. By resting in the comfort of your own cocoon you can complete the assigned tasks at ease. Here projects are awarded to freelancers by various providers by bidding on projects. Prior to bidding on projects you can set your given period of time as to when you would be comfortable in submitting your project. Hence, time in on your side when you complete assignments on Freelancer.

Once you create an account by satisfying the terms and conditions on the Freelancer website you need to browse through various projects that are suitable to your skills that you have selected to bid for projects.

Besides bidding on projects there are other ways to earn as a Freelancer as well. When you click on the ‘Make Money’ tab and you can view various practices to earn on

Bidding on projects, inviting friends, affiliate programs, affiliate API and freemarket widgets are the ways listed on Freelancer website as to how to make money.

Advertising Freelancer on blogs, websites, forum or social media platforms can help you earn a submissive income.

Is there assurance for future projects?

Yes, there is assurance as long as you are able to advertise your skills so that the provider awards you the bids for assigning you the projects. The best part is that if a provider is contented by your submissions then they might also recommend you which will be very helpful in attracting bids for future projects. Freelancer also has its own tests where you can assess your skills which would be helpful in highlighting your bids that stand out from other bidders.

When I won the bid on my very first project there was a sense of excitement and when I received my first payment, it gave me a sense of achievement not just of earning online but also a sense of pride that my skills were recognized by the provider. It was definitely a worth winning bid among all the other freelancers.

On completion of your very first project after you receive the payment for your assignments, you automatically feel compelled and encouraged to try your best each time you bid on other projects by highlighting your key areas.

At times you also end up building good rapport with some of the providers online. Over a period of time few providers might feel assured and satisfied with your work they might also assign you long term contracts which could yield fruitful benefits out of this partnership.

Will I be assured for my payment?

One of the advantages of Freelancer is that it encourages Milestone Payment to the freelancers which secures their projects till their assignments and completely submitted.

It is safe and secure. A provider will always pay your for completing the assignment. Freelancer and the service providers have an agreement about releasing the payment for completion of an assignment. Milestone payments are advance payments which secures the transaction between a freelancer and an employer.

Freelancer is like a global market that never sleeps, always working 24*7 round the clock where skilled workers and service providers are busy working.

Aspire to up sell

As you gain new projects along the course of time, it is advisable to increase your productivity and creativity in your work. One of your goals should include up selling your skills and attract new service providers to your client list.  When you have a good amount of experience you can also end up hiring people to outsource your work. This would materialize only if you are confident and ambitious enough to grow as a full timer freelancer. While bidding on new projects it is always good to keep updating your profile and ensure to attach few samples of your previous work. This will help establish some assurance to the provider of deliverance of the required work within the set time frame. One of your other goals should to increase your hourly rate only if you are confident enough about your strategy and quality of delivered work. In adversely you need to be prepared to face stiff competition from other bidders delivering the same work at a lower rate as each service provider will have allotted budgets for each project. There needs to be some justification of uniqueness in your work in order to gain the trust of the provider to consider your increased hourly rate. Hence, it is advisable to be allied with plausible providers.

Start of with a single project and try to finish them before the set limit of time allotted. Once, you are comfortable completing and submitting project ahead of time, you can start taking two or more projects all together at the same time and enhance your skills of multi-taking. This is also a good sign of moving towards becoming a full-time freelancer.

Tips to earn besides projects

Below are the listed advertising methods on Freelancer website. Pasting the HTML code onto your website or blog is a great way to publicize.

·        Freelancer Cash Advertising Units,

·        Text Links

· Banners

· Contest Site Banners

· Banners

· Seller Banners

· Buyer Banners

·        RSS Feeds

·        JavaScript

·        Data Feeds

·        Affiliate API

It is also the best way to monetize traffic on the internet, not to mention that the user also gets paid for referring friends. Generous commission payouts are handed out on Freemarket.

Towards growth with Freelancer

Aspiring freelancers aim to secure long term contracts for future projects and build good relations with their clients to have multiple streams of earning online income. Another option is that once your end up having multiple long term contracts you need not bid as frequently and can commit yourself to your assignments.

One of the aspects that you must take into account is that when you make the decision to become a full-time freelancer by working from home, you might not ascend straight up the pinnacle of success with high paying continuing projects. In the beginning it takes time, effort and dedication where you will have to prove yourself as a valuable asset to an employer by gaining trust and securing long term vocation.  Projects and assignments will always be available at all times around the year. To conclude it is up to you to get yourself hired by proving and highlighting your skills and abilities to win bids to projects and for this Freelancer is the best platform to launch your career and generate that income that you always hesitated to try earning online.

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