Monday, October 11, 2010

Paper roses on a dried twig

The other day I happened to see a tutorial of how to make roses out of paper strips. I had made few roses and stuck it to a recycled tissue box.  Since the paper making flower bug bit me, I decided to make more roses.  I made roses out of red colour paper.  After making these roses I needed to place them on a stand or in a vase. Now I did not have any spare vase but I had some empty bottle which was washed and dry from inside.  I stepped out in the garden and the weather was sweltering hot during the summer.  I saw so many dried and dead plants and shrubs; half of the garden was dried up without any greenery left.  I plucked out one of the dried twigs and felt let us make it alive again.
I grabbed a cellophane tape and stuck the paper roses around the dried twig. It looked pleasing to me and I placed the twig in the glass bottle. See the below pictures of the paper roses on a dried twig.

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