Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recycle your empty tissue box into a vintage box

Well the other day I had some free time on my hand and I wanted to do some creative stuff.  But i did not know from where to begin.  I started clearing my desk and while I was cleaning I came across this empty tissue box. Now I have always thrown away empty tissue boxes and this time since i wanted to kill time with creativity I decided to recycle this tissue box.
I looked around and grabbed some A4 size colour paper that was not being used by me since a long time. I grabbed a cellophane tape and staplers. This was what i had with me.
I picked up pink coloured paper and cut them into strips and started making paper roses out of them. I must have made nearly ten roses out of the coloured paper.
The next thing i took was some cream coloured paper and covered the empty tissue box with it.
I glued and stapled the roses on the boxes and i wanted to give it a feel of vintage.  I felt something was missing. Hmm. Finally i took a black paper and cut it out in the shape of a black bird and just perched it atop the roses on the box and voila! I made an empty tissue box into a reusable box.  I kept few things in it and everyone admires it when they see it. Here are two images of the box that I recycled

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