Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Envisaging the current era

New world order or shift in human consciousness or should I say global awakening. There is an overload of too much information in the form of articles and videos related to these posts in just few years. Well, we all know that since many years there were few isolated people who would take this belief very seriously. But in recent years with the onset of recession, natural disasters and cold wars within nations it looks like there has been a slow shift in the human consciousness.

More people talk about it openly; you might also find a lot of related programs on the television hosted by various reputed people like the famous physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, Morgan Freeman (Through the wormhole) and the list goes on.

In the Indian mythology belief, this era is termed as the 'Kaliyuga' which transcribes as the 'age of vice' or the so called Dark age which will pass away and later result in a change in the human consciousness. Every culture or a civilization followed some beliefs. Who were these people from a super civilization (so called Atlantis) prior to our present time? Well, that will take us off the topic, so maybe let’s take that road for another time to contemplate. 

The most talked about is the Mayan belief which followed a calendar claiming that there would be some changes to occur in our world very soon.
Needless to say with an increase in the consistency of natural disasters occurring all over the world something seems to be fishy. At the same time various cold wars are propelling all over different continents. It seems like an invisible ‘ghost’ or ‘secret society’ is proliferating the world.

Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce might not be absolutely precise as their predictions were foretold many years ago and people are yet waiting for some of their predictions to come true. Some self-prophesied prophets are always there around trying to foretell looming events. The most contemporary forecast which might seem very vague in relation to Japan’s earthquake this year was 9Nania's Channel on you-tube where the woman predicted an earthquake few days ahead of Japan’s quake although she could not pinpoint the exact location.

After reading Clifford Pickard’s book ‘Surfing Through Hyperspace’, it makes me think will the future be a place fairly, where people will be able to have time-slips and travel through dimensions. Will it be good or bad or for personal gain. Will all people be able to validate this or will it be gifted to certain people.

What would be your take on this? Do you think will this be a big change or some kind of mass destruction or new world order or some kind of invisible shifts between different dimensions and conscious.

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