Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home baked black forest cake

There need not be any special occasion to bake and eat a cake.
I just decided to give a try at home by baking a black forest cake. 
Well I have not given any precise measurements here since it's not a chef's recipe. In layman's term lets say, I used half a packet of Betty Crocker's  dark chocolate cake. I baked it at 180C for 35 minutes and let it cool on a rack. I then cut them into 6 circular shapes to make 3 smaller cakes. I found that it would be easier to decorate smaller shaped cakes and would also curb the temptation of eating larger amounts of cake. (not to be so diet conscious but still it would be better to be on the safer side)
I then sprinkled these cakes with some cherry syrup which comes in tinned or bottled cherries from the supermarket. If you do not have the syrup just dilute a little jam with water (you can choose your desired taste maybe strawberry, raspberry or any other flavors).  Keep in mind do not over drizzle your cake with extra syrup to avoid it from soaking too much liquid which will later just fall apart. Refrigerate these cakes for around 10-15 minutes; maybe in a chiller.

In the meantime, I whipped thick cream again I added little sugar to avoid too much sweetness. Add one teaspoon of vanilla essence.

 Next thing I grated some cooking chocolate for garnishing the cakes.

The next step is to chop down some cherries into smaller bits for garanishing.

Here is a picture of the main ingredients ready to assemble the cakes.

And then finally it was time to assemble each mini black forest cake, each with two layers of the cut cakes.  First drop a dollop of cream one one layer, then add in some cherries, now layer it with another cake and do the same layering again.. finally just roll it in the chocolate shavings and refrigerate your cakes for a while before you can eat them. deliciousness!

P.S. --Well I could not wait to eat those pretties so I didn't bother to click better pictures of the all 3 mini black forest cakes together. :)
If you a looking for a proper black forest cake recipe I would recommend the below link from Alia. Its very easy when you do it yourself.
Mini black forest cakes

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