Thursday, January 21, 2010

Click here -->The Bridge Game

Time out!!! Take a break to rack your brains and solve this puzzle.
This game reminds me of the old story - Two silly goats trying to cross a narrow bridge.
Click on the Title link (The Bridge Game) to solve this puzzle and read the rules to it below. ::
Rules for this game:
It is night, So you must have a fire lamp.
Each person crosses the bridge at a different speed with their sweet own time.
[1-sec] [3-sec] [6-sec] [8-sec] [12-sec]
Only 1 or 2 person can pass the bridge at a time and not three together.
A pair must walk together at the rate of the slower person.
The FIRE LAMP is enough for 30-sec only!!!!
So have fun and solve this puzzle.


  1. if u have solution of this puzzle then please forward me in my mail id...

  2. Since this an old game i have published the solution here:
    1 and 2 go, 1 come back.
    4 and 5 go, 2 come back.
    1 and 3 go, 1 come bak.
    1 and 2 go and that's all!