Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crafting links and tutorials

There is a difference when you say that you purchased a thing and a difference when you say you made the thing by yourself.
Being busy all the time with work hardly leaves us with time to pursue a hobby or a craft but each time while browsing the internet and watching people make creative things while crafting simply makes us say…wow.. it’s too simple to make things like:
• Key chains
• Resin jewelry
• Hand Quilting
• Beaded hair combs
• Embroidery Floss Bracelets
• Hemp Jewelry
• Cross Stitch / Beaded Wall Hangings/Coasters
• Ornament Crafts

Below is a small collection of tutorials and videos that you might find very interesting. This is for people who love crafting.

Useful / creative links:


Paper bead bracelet

Paper beads

Paper bead ring

Paper bead necklace

Paper and ribbon bead combination

Paper rose

Paper flower lamp

Aluminum foil necklace earring set

Crochet necklace with beads.

Making knots for hemp bracelet

Hemp jewelry

Resin gems for jewelry

Resin bracelet

Bead jewelry

Bead bracelet

Bejeweled 'Cuff Style' Bracelet

Jewelry art

Knitting tutorials

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