Sunday, January 24, 2010


If something is not useful to a person they shouldn’t waste it off, it would be rather generous of them to donate to some needy people without bothering about their profit.
With so many people in need of bare necessities during recession.. It is hard to see biggies like H&M's and Wal-Mart destroying unsold clothes for their profits.. There are so many NGO’s who need help from big organizations who can shell out to help the poor and needy people. This news appeared in almost all the newspapers.
The Haiti Earthquake is the worst way to begin a new year for anyone. In times of calamity, financial downturn and economical fall it is necessary for everyone to be responsible and not waste resources.
In another shocking news the famous book outlet BORDERS has been planning to tear off unsold books so that they won’t be resold again because Waldenbooks will be closing down. It seems it is a practice in the industry to destroy unsold items rather than donating it. So their employees who protested against this have started a facebook group called Tell
BORDERS: DO NOT DUMPSTER BOOKS when Waldenbooks closes - DONATE!
Books are not clothes to be dumped and torn like what Wal-Mart did.. Why insult knowledge rather than spread and donate it. BORDERS can donate it to people or sell it at a sale price, but why destroy.

Finally, the news say that BORDERS had to agree to the public pressure they received to donate the books. They have now partnered with Gifts In Kind International to donate the books. Gifts In Kind International has many networks for charity.
But the saddest part is when Waldenbooks closes down several of their employees would lose their jobs.

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