Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What’s on your mind this year?

I would like to welcome you all to this new blog…

To begin with……Since it is the New Year 2010… I thought of starting my own blog when I posted this blog on another forum. The idea dawned on me why not have my own blog :)

What’s on your mind this year? A new year to start with and no more New Year resolutions.. Resolutions are but obvious to be broken at some point during the year. Before the New Year began… I thought to myself last December.. Should I have a new year’s resolution? Have a good diet plan.. Do more exercises, workouts.. Maintain a good budget planner for this Recession..? It is good to have a disciplined life, but then I know at some point during the year I will splurge on something expensive, or eat a lavish meal or skip my exercises. Naaa!!!! Not at all…So I decided to just be myself this year again. Take each day as it comes. Face new challenges in life.. Who knows what lies in store for us each month and day in a year. On the first day of the year people usually tend to read horoscopes and yearly predictions. The New Year has just begun and days are already passing so fast that now January will soon be over. Valentine’s Day will come soon next month.. Soon all will be seeing cards, gifts, eateries all over the place in the market all friends from college and school are now settled in far and distant countries.. It’s hard to have get-together like the old days. Every-thing is now virtual and online. That’s the only option left to keep in touch with all. So finally let’s take each day as it comes and live life for the present.

There are three categories of people in terms of the past present future:

• People at times tend to worry a lot about the future forgetting that they need to live for the present.

• People who live for the present and forget completely about the future

• People who usually think only about the past and forget about their present and future. In my opinion there should be a balance of the three categories.

People should not forget about the present and live for the moment cause the present tense means a ‘gift by God’ in other words so live for the present moment People should also not forget about the future cause what actions you do in your present will definitely affect your future. People need not ponder over the past life experiences, but yes we can learn from our past experiences be it good or bad and take the necessary precautions in life to make a better present and future. May God bless all the people and Wish you all a prosperous new year 2010 ahead!!



  1. good, u can keep it up n become a writer one day

  2. more stuff!! ;)