Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feeding your baby

Feeding your baby can be a fun process. Be prepared for the mess.

Get a large bib and keep a small cloth napkin ready as well to wipe off food that sticks on to the face.

You can choose ro get a high chair or if you feel your baby wont run around, get a mess mat and sit down with your baby.

Be careful while serving hot food directly to your baby, its better to test it yourself first and then serve it to the baby cause, at times the spoon could be too hot for the baby. Choose a soft rubbery plastic spoon if possible without BPA. I had this wonderful spoon by Mee Mee where it changes color according to the food temperature. If the food was too hot the orange color would fade away meaning that the food was too hot for the baby's mouth and when it cooled down the color of the spoon returned to its original orange colour just like magic!

You can use a bowl with a lid to feed the baby. I used a tiny ceramic bow with a lid which kept the food warm while i fed the baby. Babies can take their sweet own time to eat, but when they get fussy over eating do not spend more than half an hour forcing them to eat. When they feel full they will eventually turn away from food.

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