Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Weaning Process

Weaning is a slow and steady process, the good thing is that she has been breastfeeding and she  does not at all accept bottlefeeds right from the start, so I did not have to bother about training her to break the habit to outgrow from the milk bottle to a sippy cup stage.

Whether you choose to bottlefeed or breastfeed, weaning should start around six months for an infant. This helps the baby to explore and accept new tastes and texture of food more easily.

The key in weaning a baby successfully is to be patient. Go at your baby's pace and dont be in a hurry. Each baby is different and each of them have their own pace. Even with siblings in a family each of them will have their own likes and dislikes.

The more harsh or strict you get with your baby the more difficult will it be to wean off your baby. Besides, you will end up making mealtimes more stressful for both of you. 

Tips to Cook and store baby food

The recipes given here are the exact ones that I successfully weaned my daughter to adapt to new tastes and textures. Of course! Keep in mind you will have particular days where your litle one will throw tantrums and not accept the food at times. Each day will be a different process and with time you will understand what are your baby likes and dislikes.

Baby food can be cooked and stored by freezing in the refrigerator I have usually frozen the foods for maximum three days. Storing food for a longer period could only lead to loss of vitamins. As babies have small tummies they tend to eat very little food hence, make sure to feed them with quality and not quantity food.

You can cook, puree and store the food in ice cube trays or small plastic containers. When you need to reheat them remove an hour early from the freezer before heating it piping hot.

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